Showing off!

My first batch of home grown potatoes! 🙂 These are going to be roasted with herbs from the garden and chicken on the side! 🙂 My chamomile and peppermint tea reservoirs are getting filled up slowly as well! YAYYY and the lavender is ready to be harvested! So it’s going to be a busy time around here for a while. Getting ready to preserve summer for the colder days of winter!Image



7 thoughts on “Showing off!

  1. WoWhow my mouth is watering. Beautiful / red & what are the white ones called?? I have red potiac & Yukon whites. So many names in those magazines??? Mine are allmost ready plus tried sweet ones this year. Cant wait for squash, all kinds sprouting. Have yellow, zuccini green ones, acorn. nice hun xxxooo.

    • Hahahaha.. Louise! It’s true! I love the fact that we grew this food and I know exactly what happened to it before it went into my kitchen (read I KNOW that there were no pesticides etc involved in growing it) and they were delicious!

  2. Ahhh lucky you & yumm! Are the fingerling taters?

    I agree with them, nothing like ‘homemade’ right from your own garden. =-]

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