Review: Murder on Black Friday

Murder on Black Friday
Murder on Black Friday by P.B. Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The fourth book in the Nell Sweeny Series. I’m *still* in love!

I hope Nell’s “ex-” husband gets taken out! I really really want her to be happy and as long as that guy is still bouncing around, that won’t be possible!

I love where Will and Nell’s relationship is going! I love how they take their time. I ADORED how such a small moment can have SUCH an impact!!!! I loved how sexy and intimate and wonderful it all was, despite being just such a small second in a lifetime! Mrs. Ryan, THANK YOU! WELL WRITTEN! It gave me goose bumps!!!! 🙂

Ok I am getting redundant here, but I LOVED the mystery! I had no clue until the end whodunit! I sort of had an inkling, I “thought” I had figured it out and then Mrs. Ryan throws a curve ball and wow….

No, I am not going to say more! You will have to read it for yourselves! It’s worth it, in my opinion!

Start with the first book in the series and work your way up! You will not be disappointed! Very well researched, very well written, very entertaining! Worth the money! (and I am a Scrooge! hahahaha)

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