Review: Eye of the Witch

Eye of the WitchHey guys! I’m a bit late in posting today.. It’s crazy here at the moment with all the projects and classes and knitting and writing for the classes!!! I promise I do an update soon with pictures! Maybe this weekend? But I HAVE to get to a certain point in the shawl, before I have time to spend on taking pictures.. well and before I have something to show really hahahaha….But now on to the Thursday book review!
Eye of the Witch by Dana Donovan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Again, as you are used to by now, this was a free book from B&N.
I was thinking about reading it at all, since it is the second in the series and usually you get a bunch of references to the one that went before. Sometimes that really annoys me about a series of books. I understand why authors do it though.It’s not really so bad in this book though! YAYY

It was a bit slow to start, but once it got going it was really a great read.
I liked the relationship the detective had with the witch. So wonderfully abrasive, yet they do sort of like each other. I adore the ending!!!!
The murders made to look like suicides and the way the detectives solve it all in the end. I just loved it all. Once you let go and really give in to the paranormal happenings of the book it will get you hooked!

If you like murder mysteries and the paranormal, you WILL like this one, I promise!

I will definitely try and read the other books in this series!

This one is still free as of today!

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