Review: Wolf Hall: A Novel

Wolf Hall: A Novel
Wolf Hall: A Novel by Hilary Mantel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I swear at times I thought I might go insane before I read it all the way. NEVER THE LESS: I liked it! I am amazed at myself for actually saying that!

I hated it when I read it at times. HATED IT! I hated the use of “he” for Cromwell. It did make parts of the book VERY CONFUSING.

I loved the voice the author gave Cromwell! I LOVED that she stepped out of the norm and looked at the person and tried to make him look normal! I liked that you could sympathise with him!

I read a lot of historical non-fiction, so I was well-informed about Cromwell’s doings. I have often wondered if he really was such a horrid man, or if most of the blame taken by him should be laid at Henry’s feet instead? Did he really commit these monstrosities out of his own volition, or did he follow orders?

This book allows the reader to see him from a different perspective then we are used to from history! It is refreshing! It is food for thought! I love that about a book!

Of course, there is certain artistic license as with all good fiction. It fits in though and I was happy to let go of my critical mind for a while and enjoy the parts that did not infuriate me!

Toward the end I started to skip pages. And I thought the end was a bit abrupt. Maybe if I would have read every page, I would have figured out the end was nigh, but I read a few of the pages following the book and thought this isn’t making any sense any more now, before I figured the book was over.

A great book will leave you with this empty place just above your stomach after you are done! It will feel, as if a good friend moved away.
This book made me sigh in relieve and be proud of myself for making it through with minimal sighing and groaning and grumbling and complaining and procrastinating…

I am congratulating myself on finishing it. It was one of my “must read before I die” books… It also made re-evaluate this list!

Long story short: it’s not a bad book, IF you have the time to spare. It is dry at times and really, really boring! I still think it should be read. It deserves one star, but five would be just as right. This is rather contradictory, I understand, but read the book and it will make perfect sense!


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