Review: Murder In the North End

Murder In the North End
Murder In the North End by P.B. Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Soooooo, here we are at the second to last book in the series up to date!

It was slow going in the beginning, but once it picked up speed (towards the end of the book) you can’t put it down!

The research was superb, as we are used to from Mrs. Ryan! The mystery was not an easy one to crack and I did like the descriptions of the poor side of Boston.

I loved what happened between Nell and Will in the end, although I did not like how Will handled it in the end. It was all a bit cowardly of him I think.
I was quite cross with him for it!
*after reading the last book in the series: Ok this had to happen this way! I see now why. 😀 )

I am writing this review a bit late (after I read the last book in the series) I usually don’t do that. I write them when the feelings are still fresh and I remember it all still in pictures rather than words. It’s hard to write it with this much distance to it. Books are full of emotions and images that need to be reviews right away. I promise not to wait this long again!

All I can say now is: if you have come this far in the series, read this book as well! You won’t regret it! 🙂



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