Little update

I haven’t really updated a whole lot around here. My poor blog, slowly starving…
The reason is that I have been super busy. I know, I have been busy before, but I am honest to goodness SUPER BUSY right now! LONG POST!!!! Keep reading!

First off: Both my daughter and my youngest son had their birthdays in August! So I made two cakes! They were ordered this way! My daughter wanted anything else but “happy birthday” on her cake. Your wish is my command darling! Love you lots my wonderful daughter!

I ran out of icing so I spelled “know” as in no.. teheheh.. it was either this, or Happy St. Patrick’s day in purple icing….

My son wanted his favourite fake Schwarzwaelder Kirsch cake. One of my faves as well! SOOOOO GOOOOD! I have shared the recipe on my timeline on FB, but if there is interest I will make it a post on it’s own here on my blog, just let me know! For you as well my darling son: Happy birthday! I love you lots!

Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhh what’s better then chocolate cake, whipping cream and cherry pie filling?????

The shop and the classes are so much fun and do take up a whole lot of time, with travelling on the bus etc. There are the classes, that I have to write material for and come up with patterns for. It’s fun, but also a lot of work. There was the kids class, which needed a pattern that taught them how to knit, purl, decrease and seam IN THREE DAYS! So I made this finger puppet pattern:

Mr. Eggplant, as Alice calls him! :)Pattern available at Mrs. Hudson’s Yarns and Teas. (Email Callie to get it)

Then there was the fundraiser for the Humane Society. Of course we have to help for that! I came up with this:

Litte kitty toys and the little “mat” was made by one of the customers of the shop with some of the donated charity yarn. We loved it so much, it had to stay as the “bed” for the kitty toys!:)

And Callie found and printed this poster to go with them:


Little cat toys with cat nip inside! I think they are so stinkin’ cute!!! This is only a small amount left. We sold quite a bit and still have a few to finish! There is a pattern for this one as well. If you want it, please email callie at mrshudsons dot com . She can hook you up! 100% of the proceeds for the cat toy pattern will go to the humane society. If you want a finished toy, also email Callie, she will gladly hook you up!

Keep Reading!

Then there are two shawls I am working on. One of them is for a dear friend and I can’t wait to see what she thinks when she sees it! I LOVE IT LOUISE! It’s gorgeous! The fibre, the colour! Just perfect!

I love it! Bamboo in a “vintage lilac” colour.. So drapey, so yummy, so perfect for a shawl!

The other one is for the shop! I’m writing the pattern for it right now. (I will let you know when it is done)

green suri alpaca! Sooooooo soft!

My cardigan is.. well… it will be coming along soon. Right now it’s on the back burner.  Have I told you about my cardigan already? I think I did…. well here is how far it is at the moment:

at least the lace part is done hahahaha

I have made a cowl and matching fingerless mittens (well one so far, the second one is on the needles right now) I am not sure if I am going to keep it, or sell it, but it’s really really nice!)

It came about as a pattern for a knitting in the round class I am going to teach and then I decided to teach the class in a different way… well, at least I got a pretty cowl out of it…

Keep going! You are half way done!!!

I have been spinning! Some sock yarn (on my wheel) and some cat hair (on my spindle). My driveband on my wheel broke and I am still trying to get it replaced! Bah! I was on such a roll with the sock yarn too! It was such fun! Well I will get it done the minute I have the drive band here…..(no pics.. sorry)

Not bad for a one-project-girl! I have figured out if I work on each project for one hour a day, it will all get done eventually! Most days I don’t have that much time to knit though. There is the little question about a family and a household and sometimes cooking (although my WONDERFUL, DEAR, SWEET, ADORABLE and absolutely LOVABLE husband does a LOT of the cooking lately! I love him so much for being so incredibly supportive! I know he thinks I don’t notice, but honestly: I know darn well I could not do this without him in my corner! THANK YOU BABY!

I have a few more things to tell you, soon….. they are not quite done percolating yet 🙂 Fun things!

I made jam! LOTS AND LOTS of JAM! 🙂 Here is a bit of what I have left. I gave out a bunch and now I’m out of glasses. I still have to make apple pies to freeze, as there are a gazillion apples on the tree!

Blackberry, lavender, rose jam! I put it through a strainer, since I really despise seeds in my jam….

I also made peach preserve and an apple, vanilla plum/apricot one! The lids are made pretty by some cupcake liners I had in a drawer and never used (as I have reusable ones)

Other  then that, I spend my time with my family. My son got a telescope for his birthday and we have been looking at the moon and taking pictures of it through the telescope! It’s totally cool!
Here are a few: (click on the images to see them big! It makes a difference!)

The last blue Moon for the next 3 years! And I got a picture!!!!

Look how close you can get with the telescope!!!! (a bit shakey picture, but I think it comes across!)

I loved seeing all those craters for myself!

These pictures were taken just with a normal point and click camera, nothing special, or fancy about it… just through the telescope viewfinder. Amazing, huh? Well, to me it is!

Oh… and I felted a shawl of mine. Made out of handspun blue faced Leicester yarn….

Well *I* didn’t do it. I found it this way… it got felted under mysterious circumstances…..dun dun duuuuuuuun

and garden wise? My artichokes are blooming and they smell divine! The bees LOVE IT! I will try and keep an artichoke around every year from now on, just for the bees! 🙂

Now you are all up to speed! 🙂 A few little things I didn’t mention, like working on the laptop to get all my patterns spruced up and looking nice again and working to get the kids signed up for a new homeschooling program (we are still waiting on the paperwork for that! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. just send it already)

 Ok I’m out for now, got tons to do as you can see! Talk soon!

Have some fun! Let go! Life is too important to be taken seriously!




4 thoughts on “Little update

  1. Happy Birthday to both your beautiful children!!!! Love the cakes!!!! HaHa!!!!
    WOW!!!!! THAT was a mouth full!!!! You HAVE been busy! I had no idea artichokes were sooo pretty while growing….no wonder the bees love them! 🙂
    Never thought of cupcake liners for the tops of canning jars….so much easier and less expensive than cutting fabric!! Great idea…You are just so clever!
    PLEASE, keep my shawl away from your new laundry person!!!! LOL!!!! I love the pattern and color of my shawl and cannot wait to wear it!!! ♥
    One of my favorite gifts as a teen, beside my sewing machine was my telescope!!! Great pics!
    I love the color of your cardigan….very nice….
    You sound so excited and happy every time you write about the shop!!! I am so happy for you, this is exactly your dream coming true because you deserve it! Kudos to your hubby for the support….
    When you get caught up, if you are bored, you are more than welcome to pop on over for a cup of coffee or tea!!! Sure wish it was that easy….
    Have a great holiday weekend!!! Oh, and while I was reading this, I had a thought…You need a Segway!!! or, a skateboard, or wheelies…LOL!!!!
    Thanks for the great post, Bridget!!!!

    • Hahahaha.. I have seen the Segways in action and I have seen numerous people fall off them.. I was one of the ones laughing my tush off, so I ‘m not going to go on one and let them laugh at me hahahhaah….
      YES! I could just hop on over and bring my knitting and you could sew on your sewing machine and we could chat the afternoon away! It would be such fun! One day we do that!
      Your shawl will not felt as it is bamboo! You chose wisely! Hahhahaha (Little Indiana Jones reference there)
      The shop is fun and it really *is* a dream come true for me! Thank you so much for all your good wishes all along the way! Now it’s your turn for something amazing to happen 😀

  2. Bridgett read your blog and you’ll know why your slowed down?? Bamboo color weird name for a gorgeous color. All your items are made with the best yarn and love. Weaving wish I could see that done, selling any jam?? it look yummy. SUPER lady you are. Friends around you are lucky to might catch you at home? Class’es seem very interesting. Hubby & children are blessed so are you for there help & patience. We’ve lost touch??

Happy to hear from you! :)

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