You may have noticed…

… there was no Sunday Puzzle today. Well I kept today open, because I have to make a special update! I got an award! 🙂 YES! ME!

It thrilled me to bits!

I’m usually not much into that sort of thing, as I really only blog more or less to keep you all amused, and to keep a record of what I have been up to at various times. Regardless of the reasons why I blog, to get a reward, because someone likes what I do certainly made my day! THANK YOU SO MUCH, PLAYFUL MEANDERINGS, FOR NOMINATING ME! 🙂

So here it is: The One LOVELY blog award!

Isn’t it just beautiful?

After thanking the person that nominated me, I am supposed to tell you all 7 things about me…


What to tell you? Most of the interesting things about me you already know…..

How about this:

  1. I once went with my head through the rear window of a car and survived with only a few cuts. 🙂 (Hence I don’t ride bikes really, since I was riding one at the time this happened)
  2. I love being in the woods. It’s my favourite place of all times! I love the sounds there. Not really a silence, but listen next time you are in the woods.. it’s magical
  3. I love moss. LOVE IT. Want to grow it. Live in the PNW it grows here at every corner, if you want it to or not, so I decided I want it to.
  4. I spent one summer planting trees! An entire Summer! When I was 15. It was fun!
  5. I had my first Margarita when I was 31 years old. I’m a late bloomer, I guess. I also don’t really drink much. I haven’t had one since, but in that year, I had two!
  6. I LOVE BOOKS! As much as I like knitting, but reading will always be my first love! I will always make time to read at least one hour a day!
  7. My husband tells me: Even though I am not Hispanic, I cook some of the best Mexican food he has ever had (and Italian, he says) And since he *IS* Hispanic, I take that as a compliment. Specially knowing what a great cook his grandma was!

Now I get to the fun part: I get to nominate 15 blogs of my own choosing that I think are absolutely lovely blogs! YAYY!
(I also recommend you go back and look at Playful Meandering’s nominees! It’s so worth a look!)

So here go mine in no particular order:

I cannot come up with more. I’m so sorry.. but there it is. My list!
Now all you wonderful, lovely Nominees: Please go and follow these rules:

  1. Go thank ME hahaha.. I mean: the person that nominated you,
  2. Post the Lovely blog award to your blog,
  3. tell us 7 things about you,
  4. nominate 15 more blogs (or there about)
  5. Go to your nominee’s blogs and notify them they have been nominated!

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Happy to hear from you! :)

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