Busy, busy bee!

I have been busy since Monday! I was at the shop yesterday afternoon. We had such fun decorating the shop window to celebrate the start of school! We have been knitting tiiiiny swatches!

Here is a little teaser, in order to see it all, you will have to come to the shop! 🙂 It’s worth it! It’s sooo cute!

He is simply my favourite little guy!!!!

Not much interested in knitting, the ball is so much more fun! 🙂

Sock-monkey knitting socks!

And then today I was volunteering. Instead only half a day, it turned out to be a full day. So when I came home, I was super tired (I only went to bed at 2 am last night and had to be up and out to volunteer at 8 am again). In order not to mess up with my pattern writing or the big shawls and having to rip back, I decided to finish my bottle cover, that I started last week, when it was so hot. My metal bottle always condensates so badly when it is hot outside and you put something cold to drink in it. I don’t like that in my purse/knitting bag.. so a cover had to be made. The fridge cold liquid also always freezes my fingers! (I think they might just be extra delicate, as nobody else seems to mind…). I made a cover anyway and I think it came out cute. Here it is. No pattern, just cast on and go! I am thinking of adding a handle though….

And here is another shot of all the cat toys, before most of them got sold!


4 thoughts on “Busy, busy bee!

    • I love the shop window! And boy wouldn’t i love to come and see it. You only live in my most favorite city of all! 🙂 Those cat toys are adorable – why is it my cat is happy with a plastic cap off a water bottle? lol

      • lol I know cats are happy with just the simplest things, like little kids: The box is more interesting then the toy that came in it! 😀 We made them look cute, to the owners would buy them I guess. All the proceeds go to the Humane society, so we need them to sell and make money for the donations! We sold 8 so far! 🙂

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