This pillow….

….used to be this jacket:

It got felted. Not by accident. I wanted it a bit fulled and then forgot it was in the washer! *rolls eyes*. Then it got banished to the back of the closet until I had the guts to cut it up.

Today was the day! I cut it up and made a pillow our of part of it. I still have a bunch of it left to make other things from (Thinking a coin purse, and a pin cushion). But that will be another story for another time.
I also made pie today! Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry pie! It’s delicious with a bit of vanilla ice cream and a drop of heavy cream poured over it. No recipe, just mixing the berries in a bowl with sugar and flour, then pouring them into the pie crust and baking it. Presto! Yummy pie!



4 thoughts on “Re-fashion…

  1. I have a purse that was a failed felted hat attempt. I turned it sideways, folded over the flaps and its adorable.I love reusing things. I have a friend who used a particularly pretty swatch square for an eyeglass case by just folding it in half and stitching it up. She gets a lot of comments about it. Beautiful pillow!

  2. And that is why I never want to get rid of anything…you just never know what you will think to make with it!! Was a beautiful jacket and now and pretty pillow and the pie looks soooo yummy.

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