Review: A Bucket of Ashes

A Bucket of Ashes
A Bucket of Ashes by P.B. Ryan
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Wow.. So this is how it ends.

I was so happy with this series all the way that I got absolutely blind-sided by this book!

I have to admit: I skipped a few pages in this one! I skipped a few a lot of pages in this one. I still got the gist of it.

I did not skip pages because I didn’t like the book! I think the reason was that there were more words than were necessary on some of the pages. I do like descriptive writing, but sometimes you just have to get on with it!

I do understand the need to bring readers up to speed on things that happened earlier in the series, if they happen to have skipped those books. If it is too much “reminiscing” though then it gets boring and redundant for the faithful readers that read them all cover to cover. That is all.
Since really all of the books in this series were rather great, I am very willing to forgive this little bit of annoyance.

The Mystery part was really shallow! I get the whole “working through your feelings” bit with Nell’s leftover family. I thought it was necessary to her character. Although I do think it was not necessary to kill her brother off to bring it about.

After finding out Nell’s “situation” I wasn’t really interested in the mystery at all any more. I just wanted to find out how she would handle it. Well, she refused to until the end and even then we got sort of cheated out of it.

I didn’t like how neat the whole Duncan thing got resolved! It was just a bit too convenient!

The whole part with the “newspaper clipping” thing at the end was a bit trite.

The whole book felt like Mrs. Ryan just wanted to get it over with, have Nell taken care of in the end.

I didn’t like that Will’s excuse for being a cad was Nell being still married! It just did not fit in with his heroic character. His devil-may-care attitude, his possessiveness, his unconventional behaviour. Through out the series, he became more and more of a user. He used Nell for what he wanted. Then in the end, he makes it “all right” by.. gosh better not say anything about that or spoil it.

I am not opposed to happily ever after! Not in the least! I like it! I wish life was sometimes more like it!
Bucket full of ashes had a cheap, rushed ending that left me feeling like I had a bucket full of too sweet candy!

Sorry, Mrs. Ryan. I know you put a lot of work into this one, just like your other books and I may be too harsh, or overly judgemental, but I just can’t find much good about this one!

I am rather in a forgiving mood about it though and will certainly read more books by you! I just know that this was maybe just a fluke! Can’t hit a home-run every time, right?



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