Hey there, I’m back! :)

A while ago, I dropped my laptop to the floor and now it is broken. DH hooked me up with a temporary replacement for now, but the keyboard is coming off it an the D key is having problems (it’s either not typing at all or too many times in a row lol, so forgive me a few errors until I can actually fix or replace my beloved old lappy)

So. I am sure you were wondering what I have been up to. I have been teaching and designing like mad.

I have been hanging out at the shop (since one is loath to call it work, as it is so much FUN)

And I have been made a partner at the shop! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. like how I sneaked that in on you?

Yep! Callie was crazy enough to take me on board! THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!! 🙂

Honestly, I still can’t quite believe it myself. It’s like a ream come true!

It’s such fun! We are currently working on a class in collaboration with the bead store down the street. If this is receive well, there will be follow ups for that! So the work is starting to pick up.

I am also still reviewing books an knitting of course and I will try to pick up my regular schedule for the blog again soon. (maybe minus a few things and plus a few others)

If you want to keep up with what we are up to, just sign up for the shop newsletter! Email Callie an I am sure she will be happy to put you on the list!

Ok for now I will leave you with a picture of the latest finished shawl:

100% bamboo yarn in lavender! It will go a traveling come next week! WOOT WOOT! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hey there, I’m back! :)

  1. Hii sweetie:: Mine do that for a while now. Keys are dirty?? for 1 reason?My son says? Repair man calling??? $$$$$$$ adopted kittens 2 has been $$$$$ & LOVE & LAUGH.S. Class still strong? HAPPY THANKSGIVING S.M.J

    On 11/4/12, Ramblings of an uncluttered mind

  2. YOU have been sorely missed. I, too, have been guilty of being MIA from my blog, but have been busy creating inventory for craft fairs, in addition to halloween costumes, bridal parties, etc.
    So glad you are back. Sounds like you are having a blast and CONGRATS on being co-owner. Callie is a smart woman to scoop you up as a partner. Keep us posted.

  3. Finally getting around to my emails. I am ecstatic for you and your new partnership!! You have worked hard for it and deserve it. I only wish I lived close to come take a class from you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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