New pop top mittens! YAY

I have finished a pair of pop top mittens (only one is shown here, the other one is as a sample in the shop!) I love love love them!
The pattern is nearly written and will go live in the shop right after the project class/kal is one! (So if you want it early, sign up for the class *wiggles eyebrows*)

The pattern can either be knitted as fingerless gloves, or as the pop top mittens, which will have a thumb option. I love them and think they are sooo cute and warm (alpaca!!!!!)


What do you all think?ImageImageImageImage


7 thoughts on “New pop top mittens! YAY

  1. Bridget, those are so cute!!! I would be happy to take the class, but the drive would kill me! lol Let’s see, 3 day drive to class, take the class, spend time visiting with you, 3 day drive home, just to turn around drive back for the next class. No, I don’t think I can afford the gas!!! 🙂

  2. Ok I have one made, but I can’t make the pop cap because you just have a graphic and not the directions. I have no idea how to read these pictures. I think you should write it out as well since you did that with the rest of the pattern and it came out beautifully.

    For yarn I used :Vanna’s Glamour. It’s a #2 fine yarn, but seemed as thick as a light weight 3 baby yarn. I couldn’t get anything in #3 except a few balls of baby yarn and I didn’t want that for mittens. I used the color called Topaz (which is not a good name for this). It is a deep dark chocolate with copper shiny yarn twisted in it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and was really nice to work with.

    I used a 50g ball ( I weighed the ball before starting to be sure of accuracy). It’s 202 yards. When I was done with the glove part it was 35g. I don’t know how to figure out the yardage from that, but at least the weight part is right. J

    I used 3 needles instead of 4 because 4 was a nightmare. Lol. It worked out great and was a lot faster and easier. I also used size 4 dpns instead of 3s because of using the finer yarn. It worked out great and I probably could have done it on the 3’s and it still would have fit.

    I have to say that I didn’t like the ribbing on the thumb. Granted, this is only my third ever finger hole and I probably messed up a little, but I just didn’t think it turned out nice.

    The directions for the joining without the gap…I didn’t understand that at all and spent 2 hours trying to make it work. Since I could never picture or succeed in having it work I’m not sure if there is an easier way to describe it or not.

    The psso stumped me because I had never heard of doing a psso with more than one stitch. I had to spend time finding it online. Perhaps reword it for the more noob knitters making sure they know you want them to pass the slipped stitch over the 2 knitted stitches and the YO instead of just saying “the previously worked stitches”.

    Hope this all helps. I know you mostly work probably with more experienced knitters, but your designs are so pretty it would be great if they were good for every level of knitter. It will make them sellable to a wider range of folks.

    Talk to ya later. Off to make 12 Christmas ornaments as gifts for this weekends show.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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