What? It has been this long again?

Oh folks. I promise, I will try and be better! Now that I am getting in the swing of working full time again, it should be easier to nip off some time here and there to blog about it all….


Ok what have I been up to? Not much, to be honest. Mostly hanging out with my family when I’m not at the shop. That is all. I have been knitting like a fiend, though!

Here is proof! Pictures of the finished lace shawl (100% suri Alpaca there! oh so soft and I added beads!) It was done quite a while ago, but I was too lazy to take pictures.

This thing turned out HUGE!!!!

can you see them?

pretty beads!




The pattern is being tested and soon you will be able to get it! I will  let you know when exactly!

Then I made this sheep hat for my daughter! 🙂 HAPPY SHEEP! I got a sheep notion pouch for Christmas and loved it so much, when I saw the black yarn DD picked out for her hat, it was clear what it had to be! 🙂 She loves it!



I also made a skirt. Right now I only have a blocking shot of it, but here it is:

the skirt! Better pics to follow!


LOVE the yarn I got to use in this one! It’s the Cascade Eco +. Soooo nice! I still have one skein here in forest green! I have no idea yet what it will be, but working on it! 😉

and another hat and cowl set here:

Little cables hiding the decreases.

Little cables hiding the decreases.

Brand new yarn! Cascade “Casablanca” . One skein made both hat an cowl!!!!

hat and cowlWe are having lots of things planned for the new year! If you are in town, stop on by, I would LOVE to see you all in person! 🙂

Then there is the jacket! My daughter claimed it, so I will have to make myself another one (no, not the same…) I am doing the math for the pattern for the snowflake jacket right now, so that should be done soon-ish as well!

If you follow me on Facebook (there is a link in the sidebar!!! HINT HINT) then you have seen it already, but here it is for those of you that haven’t found me on FB yet:




The jacket was knitted in the round until the underarms. I steeked it! SUCH FUN! I have done it once before and definitely will do it again! I knitted the snowflakes right in, but you could do them in duplicate. (I’m just too lazy to do that). The yarn for this one was Cascade 128. SO NICE!


All caught up on everything. There are a few more projects on the needles right now, but more about that later. How are all of you? What have you been up to? TALK TO ME!!!!


3 thoughts on “What? It has been this long again?

  1. Bridget your a busy knitter and lovely items. Hope Xmas was good to you and the family. I still have’nt found FB/ to get on, Blue screen but?? what to do for yours or birthdays????? Im still a internet geek. Love yah and dont work yourself to a frenzy? S.M.J

  2. Bridgett, your work is amazing! I wish I could visit your store and will if I’m ever in that area. Another one of my niece’s got engaged, so I will start doing things for her wedding. Can’t wait till she picks out the gown so I can get started on the veil. Also my daughter’s First Communion is in May, so I’m going to make her veil and several others too. Busy, busy, busy!!

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