New dish towel

I have been noticing that more and more of my beloved T-shirts are falling victim to holes. I really had to do something about it, so I decided to go through my closet and weed them all out, then go to the thrift shop and buy “new” ones to replace them with.

Said and done. Then yesterday I looked at the refashion pile, that accumulated in a box at the bottom of my closet. The new influx of T-shirts made the box explode with possibilities and overflow with old clothes. So I sorted the box out yesterday evening.

Clothes without holes and in general good shape, but that have not been worn by anyone in the family and hence have been designated to the refashion pile, got folded up and put in another box, which subsequently went out on the curb by my driveway as a free box for people to take what they need/want. We do that a lot around here in our town. I love free boxes! don’t ya know, the whole box was gone by this mid-morning!

The T-shirts from the refashion box with holes got taken apart for the fabric.

I then surfed my bookshelves for inspiration on what to do with all this knit jersey in the coming summer months, when you just don’t want to knit (snort… I just made myself laugh)

I thumbed through my Alabama stitch book again and found the tea towels she made! oh what a great idea! I need new ones anyway! So I plucked the biggest bits of fabric from the T-shirt box (now safely again in the bottom of my closet) and a few contrast bits and started pinning and basting. (I only basted one, it was just too late to do more)

Then this morning I tried to think of what kind of pattern to use for the stitching. I didn’t like any from the Alabama Stitch book for my fabric.

After a bit of ruminating, I had a stroke of brilliance and went to the drawer with my cookie-cutters! Yes Ma’am! A star and a heart later and I was off sewing!

My new stripe-y dishtowel! I love it, what do you think?

My new stripe-y dishtowel! I love it, what do you think?

Here now is the result! I feel it is a wee bit Punk Rock-ish. I love it! I will definitely make more of these! They dry really well and are so fast to be made!


Pretty! I had two bushes beside my house. One died this winter… (I have a sneaking suspicion it was because of the darn neighbor with the empty field spraying. My other neighbor and I (both our properties are adjacent to the empty field) are very unhappy with them spraying over there. We are trying to have organic gardens!!!! Weedkiller is rather counterproductive to that!

Spring has finally arrived in my garden! Here are a few pictures I took some days ago! (the lettuce is bigger by now) I also transplanted  some of the plants to other locations. (Trying to work on the garden and make it look great without spending any money is not as easy as it sounds… but thankfully I have a lot of plants that re-seed themselves and spread like weeds. That way I can thin them out and have pretty views all over instead of just in one place.


Thyme and lemon balm! LOVE the lemon balm in tea! On the right there are the forget-me-not.. don’t have a picture of them yet, but then they are not blooming yet. I will make some when they are. I love the way they look! So wonderfully old-fashioned!


My Violets! They have multiplied from last year as well, but are still not enough for freezer jam.. so I have to wait a few more years I think.. until then, I snack on them when I’m in the garden 🙂


The Rhubarb plant! It came back yet again! I thought for sure this last transplant killed it, but nope! lol I am the only one in the family that likes rhubarb. I don’t even remember where I got this one. (I have this idea that I got it from a fellow volunteer at the foodbank, but I really can’t remember for sure)


Rosemary! I rooted this one myself! SO PROUD! They came through the winter as well! Happy dance!


I have no idea what this plant is called.. I got it last year somewhere at the side of a trail by the marina. I didn’t think it would make it through the winter where it was, but it did and it is twice as big as last year as well!


My lettuce! It needs thinning.. by now it is about twice as big as in that photo! It grows so fast!!!!!


Lovage! This is bigger by now too and in it’s new home! I love Lovage! It tastes like celery, but stronger and I put it in every soup I make! 🙂


Corner of my vegetable garden! You can see my Sprouting bed right there as well! Got it from the neighbors, when they moved for free. LOVE IT!


Chives! I love chives! Specially when chopped really small and put in cream cheese! I have 6 bundles growing!

I made these little roses for a crochet class I was teaching! I played around with a few edgings to roll up and what shape the flowers would come out. Then I tried alternating a few chains and other stitches and voila! I like the way they came out. (I wrote down the pattern for them! Woot woot!)

DSC07248  DSC07250

I am also still knitting! A lot! The dresser scarves are on hold for now (need a decision about the yarn) , but I replaced them with two summer tops. One fest and one short sleeved raglan tee! Can’t wait to have them done and show them to you!

My apple tree is about to bloom and I am starting to look for recipes and things to do with apples. Then today a new book came into the house for review!

“Put ’em up fruits” how to preserve all kinds of fruits. I am so looking forward to reading through it and making some of the recipes in it! CAN”T WAIT!

So that is all folks! What have you all been up to?

Until later!


4 thoughts on “New dish towel

  1. Love the photos of Spring coming to life. We use raised beds like in your photo. We started our plants in peat pots and will get them in the ground soon! Love love, love Spring! Oh, and what is the name of your Alabama stitching book?

  2. : ) love the way you weave the gardening and the yarning together! Think your mystery sprout is an upright sedum, like Autumn Joy. if I’m right, you have a good one – they’re clumping, they root well from cuttings, and the bloom late : )!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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