An update is in order, methinks.

Ok so. I will try and be a better blogger! One update a week? I think that should be in the realm of possibility!

A lot of things are happening! We are getting ready for the LYS Tour (the local yarn shop tour) here in the pacific Northwest coastal region! It’s a big deal and 24 shops are participating from way up in the north, all the way down to a bit south of Seattle!

If you are in the vicinity, do go and check it out! It is tons of fun!

Every shop came up with at least one free pattern (and some even with two). They are all one or two skein patterns and the yarn featured in the patterns is 10% off that 4 day weekend! (May 16-19) There are daily prize drawings (and every shop will give away the same prize, so visiting a few is going to up your chances of winning!) and on the total you can get entered in the grand prize drawing by visiting at least 8 of the 24 participating shops!  Here is the link to the official website for the tour. You can check out who is who on the tour and where we are!

Ok on the knitting front: I have been knitting up a storm and writing as well. I finished a pair of socks, a pair of slipper socks, three kerchiefs, and a shawl, alongside the patterns for all of these! O.O  Pictures of the socks , kerchiefs and slipper-socks will be uploaded to my flickr account shortly.

I have no idea how I got all this done and still kept my sanity!

Let’s start with the shawl! It is my happy at the moment! I spun the yarn for it myself.  I wanted a tight and clean look,  something soft, but  not fuzzy that could hold it’s own in square miles of stockinette stitch. I decided on  a beautiful gray-ish brown Merino roving, spun with a short draw (inchworm) technique, to about a Dk weight.

The shawl was knitted from the bottom up with short row shaping on the “wings”. It’s  a small one, with only 39.5 inches from bottom tip to the top of the wings. I wanted something simple, something for every day, something warm and comforting. I have been thinking about my interpretation for a Jane Eyre Shawl for a few years and now it materialized.
The shawl itself is rather plain, in all stockinette stitch, just as Jane appears to be. The center spine, as it’s only embellishment, does give a hint of Jane’s playful nature though. Just as we get glimpses of it in the book! I dare say, I think Jane would have approved of it!

Here are some pictures of it blocking:

centerfull i

top view


Let me know what you think! I will make modeled shots after I pick it up on Wednesday. I got it done on Sunday and blocked it at the shop, but it was not dry by the time I went home, so it is still there.

I really love the shawl.

I do want to change the style of my blog a little, so I will put additional pictures on my flickr account. If you want to see more of the projects, please feel free to follow me there! I apologize for the inconvenience, but I do believe it will improve the overall look of the blog and make reading it more pleasant!


5 thoughts on “An update is in order, methinks.

  1. I love it…Simple is exactly the right word, which is perfect for how you describe your intent for using it. Sounds like you are one busy woman, but that never stops your posts from being interesting and full of energy!!!! 🙂

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