Little Owl


I had a lady come in the shop the other day asking if we sold ready made hats. Not really, I answered, but I could make her one, if she liked and if the deadline is not too pressing, as I never know how much knitting time I get during the day.

She said it was not pressing, but she really wanted a handmade hat for her sister, as she is about to undergo medical procedures. I got the feeling that a handmade hat would be very comforting, not just to the recipient, but the giver as well.  Giving something from the bottom of your heart sometimes means more then receiving a gift yourself.

So I agreed to make the hat and we set to picking out the yarn. The lady picked one of my favourite shades of Malabrigo and a little flower pin in pink!  I hadn’t knitted with this particular type of Malabrigo yet, so it was great for both of us!

The lady bought the yarn and I set to the task right away. That night the hat was done and she picked it up the next day! I do hope it will bring a smile to both of them and a wonderful memory!


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