Goddess of whimsy


top view

back I really like the jewelery making from beach treasures! This is a bit of shell, I found, carved, then tinted a little goddess figure  in it. The tiny red dot is a home grown ruby crystal! (My daughter’s science experiment a few years back)

I really, really like this one! I plan on making a simple crochet-chain necklace out of my bamboo yarn and put a few stray beads on it. I might have a hard time parting with this one! But part I will! EDITED: I won’t! I can’t! It’s mine! For I AM the goddess of whimsy! (It’s true! Just look me up on Ravelry!)

If anybody is interested in having it, please leave a comment here, or Dm me on facebook! (link in the sidebar! )

I also made some temporary art on the peach itself! 🙂 One for my husband. I call it “rock solid love”.


And one for the people… just a pretty! 🙂flower


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