Re-purpouse, re-cycle, RE-USE!


DSC00163So I am a big foan of re-using and re-purpousing things! Making it look all new and shiny for not much money and getting a few more years of use out of things we paid good, hard cash for.

I also live in a city, that takes it’s Craig’s List darn serious. LOTS of free piles and stuff on the side of the road for someone to find treasures, if they wanted to.

A few months ago, my son went to play with his friends and on the way home, he found these chairs in a free pile (there were two of them) and he brought them home, as he liked the way they looked.

Well, as you can see, they are far from perfect, or even cute looking at the moment. The frames were top notch, though and still too good to give up! So we kept them around for a while.

Today was the day!

I found really nice outdoor fabric for cheap (also a while ago) and finally had time to actually put the two together. (for one of the chairs so far) I have about a quarter of a yard of this outdoor material. One is more blues and the other one is more reds and oranges. Both are super happy and fun and just enough fabric to cover what is needed to the chairs.

My daughter and I set out by removing the old fabric and cleaning the frame of the chair. Then we deconstructed the old covers and used them as templates for the new ones.

DSC00164I cut and pinned and my daughter did the sewing (this is how we roll! She is SO much better than me on the sewing machine!I am in awe of her!)

Not an hour later, we had a brand new chair for our front porch! YAYYY! Next weekend the second one will get done and for a few pennies I got two almost brand new chairs from Pier one (as we found a tag on the covers that proclaimed it was so!)

Sadly it is raining today, so no sunny pictures, but you see what it looks like and can imagine me sitting on it the next sunny day and knitting away!




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