on and off the needles

So I figured a knitting update is in order… I have finished a few things.


A retro hand towel and dishcloth set for one! I love the way these look and they work SO well! I have a bunch for my own home, so we thought it might be a fun summer knit for people. Said and done. I wrote this pattern and it is our yarn of the month kit this month!

Then I am working on the Steampunk corset, but I don’t have anything to show there so far (just a few bits, as we are making it in pieces)

And I finished a pair of lace gloves, which are also for the Steampunk fest.

glove 2


I am also done with the top hat.. not sure if I have shown it to you all in it’s full Steampunky glory yet… here it is:



Three down and only five more on the needles and three in the queue! 🙂 TO BE DONE BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH!!!! *faints*

(well only two have to be done before the end of the month, I have a bit more time for the rest….


Happy to hear from you! :)

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