Excuse the mess! It’s a construction site!

After struggling with blogger and finding out that google hasn’t changed since I left it and playing around with some themes over here on wordpress and hearing from you,  my wonderful readers, how much you like it over here, I have decided to stay on.

This blog will be a mess for a bit, as I will play with the appearance for a while, to get the look I really want for it. Please hang in there with me! 🙂 Thank you all for your patience and endurance and putting up with my antics! Love you all! I think, once it is all fresh and put together, we will have a reader appreciation day coming up! How about it? I will even think of  a givaway!



4 thoughts on “Excuse the mess! It’s a construction site!

  1. I totally understand about getting it just the way you want. I went through a few themes until I found the one I liked best. I still go through and find out another little extra we can add to make our blogs special. I think WordPress is very user friendly and it really has a lot to offer. It just takes some time to get it just right. Good luck and looking forward to your “NEW” look.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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