Cookie Pro Ultra II review

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So, we got this thing. For free. At a yard sale. My daughter loves to bake, and since it was free, there was nothing lost in picking it up.

Last night we felt like some cookies and remembered we had “that thing” in the cupboard. So out it came and we started playing with it.

Our family lives by the motto: “Instructions are for wimps”, so the manual hit the trash after opening the packaging. We just went for it!

There is definitely a learning curve to this gadget, if you don’t read instructions lol.


It’s not hard to figure out though, if you have basic knowledge of baking and how cookie presses work in general. After a few … well… fun attempts, we finally got the hang of it and our cookies came out splendidly!

We tried two different doughs for this experiment. The first (lavender cookies) a bit more moist than the second (sugar cookies) and found that the cookies made from the second, stiffer, dough kept their shape a bit better.

None the less, we found that even dough with added ingredients such as the lavender blossoms went fine through the templates, without obstructing them.

The cookie -templates supplied with the kit are fun and very versatile. I LOVE that the cookies all come out the same size and the same thickness, without having to measure the dough. (my daughter usually makes HUUUUUUGE cookies!!! HUUUUGE!)

Do push the lever twice for the first cookie. Keep the gadget flat on the cookie sheet until you have pressed the trigger all the way through, or else the cookie will not work out and sometimes stick to the gadget, as the dough does not get “cut off” properly. I also definitely recommend a stiffer dough for this!

We also figured out to get a non-stick cookie sheet and not to use flour! The flour will prevent the dough from sticking to the cookie sheet (as it is supposed to). But this means the cookie will not get properly released from the gadget! So you will have to take it off manually and that will distort the shape and you don’t want to have distorted cookies, now, do you? We had to eat quite a bit of dough this way!

This little thing is definitely going to get a workout in our house. Our cookies look like the ones you can buy at the shop, but they taste SO much better, as they are fresh, when we want them and only use the ingredients we actually care for!

I absolutely would recommend to invest in one of these little gadgets, if you bake a lot! Making huge amounts of cookies in next to no time and making them look gorgeous is not problem at all!

No more boring round cookies for us! LOL


Happy to hear from you! :)

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