Review: Soap Craft: 31 Recipes for Creating Amazing Handmade Soaps

Soap Craft: 31 Recipes for Creating Amazing Handmade Soaps
Soap Craft: 31 Recipes for Creating Amazing Handmade Soaps by Anne-Marie Faiola
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just recently got this book for review from the publisher!

I have always been interested in making soap. I have done the melt and pour thing a few times, but have been a bit chicken to try the Lye thing.

This book came in the house, just as I am going through one of my “I should just go for it” phases! is that ever the right time, or what?

Tentatively I started reading. The beginning of the book is all about what you need in the way of equipment.
At first I thought: Oh, that’s a lot!, but then I took a second look and found out that I have most of the things already here at home. Measuring cups (everybody has a few sets of those, no?), spatulas (I have a few I no longer use for cooking and baking, but can’t throw out just yet), spoons and scrapers and whisks. I do not have the wooden soap mold -yet.The great thing is: You don’t need the soap mold right away. You can experiment with milk cartons and yogurt cups! Chapter 8 tells you everything about it!I cannot believe the range of stuff that can be used! EUREKA! I love it when I can use household items, that would otherwise be thrown away for something. The kids have a few safety glasses (they think they are COOOOOL), so we are good on that front.

Except for the ingredients, everything is set. CHECK!
Ingredients! Who would have thought you can use avocado in home made soap? It’s a MUST TRY!

As you read on, you will learn how to make a basic cold process soap.
I adore, that this book starts out with the basic, b are bones soap. It’s important to have a solid foundation.
The book does not diminish the dangers, that come with working with lye, but it was a great confidence booster for me. I do believe, I could get it together and actually make my own soap.

The recipes in the book are clear to understand, even for someone that has never made soap from scratch before. The steps are very well explained. I loved the colourful pictures of the soaps in the book! The 31 recipes that come in the later part of the book are amazing to me (a novice) but seem to be a reachable goal. I LOVE that almost every page still has safety tips and a reminder to soap safely. It is easy to forget, when you get comfortable with something, that making soap is still a chemical reaction and one has to be careful not to get hurt. All in all, I think this book is a great companion for new soapers, like me. I feel like it’s holding my hand and everything will be just fine, if I just follow the instructions and trust the book.

My daughter has read the book as well and we both are determined to give it a go. I do need a few soaps for hand-washing my hand knits.

On top of everything, I found out the author has an online supply shop for soapers! I am definitely going to check it out. Oh and did I mention she lives in my town?

I can hardly wait for next month, when we are going to get serious with this and start making soap!

I recommend this book to people that have played with the thought of making their own soaps, like I have, but just didn’t get the gumption together to really try it.

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