Review: Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup

Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup
Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup by Maggie Stuckey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been asked by the publisher of this book, if I wanted to participate in a “blog hop” in celebration of the release.
Ever since that email came and I agreed to it, I was waiting by the mailbox for the book to arrive!! I have to let you all know: I was dang set on trying out a recipe from the book for this review…. then I got the flue. Now I am sitting in bed, reading through the book and dreaming about all the wonderful soups I could have. (Dh is sticking to the tried and true chicken soup from the heart, to pamper me through this spout.) However! This is not to mean I will not dive in when I am better! SO get ready for an update next week-ish!


YUM! Squash soup!

P.s.: Read all the way through to the end. There is a surprise coming! 😉

I LOVE SOUP! There. I said it.

I love soup, warm or cold, summer or winter, lunch or dinner.

FINALLY (it really didn’t take that long)!! It arrived! Oh boy!

At first glance, I fell in love. The picture on the book cover is scrumptious! It is of the Carrot Vichyssoise. I have never had that soup before and can’t wait to try it out.

The book’s front page is high gloss and I assume will wipe off easily, with little damage to the cover itself, if done immediately. (I always like cookbooks, where I don’t have to be afraid to take them in the kitchen. My kids are now all teenagers and very responsible persons. When they were little, however, they were not quite as careful around water and broth and other ingredients. I never let that stop me from having them with me and helping me to cook. So what if my book has a few dinner stains? It’s a cook book after all! (Quite frankly, I think it adds to the memories.)

What struck me next was, how heavy this book is. It does not look it, but it packs a punch!

Now, when I signed up for this, I purposefully avoided any other reviews of it and even the synopsis. I always want to give every book I review my undivided attention and my honest, unbiased opinion.
I thought it was a book about soup recipes(not that this fact alone already made giddy with glee), but this book turns out to be so much MORE!
It is about hosting SOUP NIGHTS at your house, in your neighbourhood.
In short, it is a recipe for community. For “together”. For “remember when’s”. For cozy nights, with the windows light up not only by light, but by laughter and happiness and the feeling of belonging. This might make me sound gushy, and naive, and old fashioned, and a bit of a sucker, but a sucker be I! This is truly what I got out of this book!

The Butternut and Acorn squash soup and the Spinach pot-sticker (and for my Asian friend, who always gets offended when I call them pot-stickers, it’s what the recipe calls them! 😛 ) soup are definitely ON TOP of our Must Make List!

It gets better from there! The recipes do not only include soups! There is desert! (You have to LOVE any cook book that includes this most important part of any meal lol.)There are recipes for an Oatmeal- and a Banana bread, Lemon-Raspberry Pie (can I hear a SQUEEEEEEE please?) and Peanut Butter-Chocolate chip cookies, among many more.
Or how about a Pumpkin Seed Flatbread? Anyone interested in making “Not your Grandmother’s Grean Pea Salad?

Ok enough raving about the contents. Now on to the nitty gritty. The book sports a handy Metric conversion char.(for our Northern Neighbours, or people like me, who grew up measuring in Metric.

I like how the recipes are divided into the seasons, since our family believes in seasonal eating. Having what is naturally available, rather than Greenhouse grown. (Ok, so, I DO have tomatoes year round, because I love them ever so much, but we are making an honest effort.)

Butternut and Acorn squash soup. ON MY MUST MAKE LIST!

Butternut and Acorn squash soup. ON MY MUST MAKE LIST!

The only gripe I have about the book is that the recipes are only listed by name in the index in the back of the book. I wish they would be listed in short in the chapters and I wish they had pictures. Sometimes (fine….. ALL THE TIME) I have trouble remembering names of recipes and I have to physically flip through the book to find the picture I want. I also wish that it had pictures of all the recipes in it. I find that a big plus in a cook book, if you can actually SEE what it is supposed to look like, or if your green and purple stew is just slightly off target. (you would not believe the vivid colours  REAL vegetables can add to your food!)

All in all I am sincerely recommending this book to everyone! Soup-addict like me, or not. We are going to have a soup night after we are done having the house renovated. (Ok do not freak out yet, we have to buy it first, then the invitations should roll out.)

I am very grateful to Miss Maggie Stuckey and all the other contributors, for going through all this work and putting out a book, that is not only feeding our stomachs, but also our souls!


So now to the promised surprise: I get to give away ONE COPY of this really delicious book  (no pun intended) to one of my wonderful readers!!!!!!

So please do leave a comment here, if you would like to be entered into the drawing. I will hold the drawing  Saturday, November 18th, alongside the recounting of my soup night adventures 😉

You have plenty of time to comment. Remember: The holidays are coming! If you don’t want the book for yourself, maybe you have a soup addict among your family and friends to give it to?



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