Learning with Rhonda

Now you all know, I do advocate shop local and support your locally owned shops, but not all of us are lucky enough to have a yarn shop in the neighborhood, or even in the same town we live in. Or have a friend we can call at a moments notice, to teach us a new technique, or a certain stitch. What are those of us to do, stuck in this situation? NOT knitting is NOT an option! No worries! Craftsy to the rescue!

I had the good fortune to review the “My first slip stitch afghan” class on Craftsy for my good friend Rhonda Fragnoli.

rhonda review ii

The class is regular $29.99. I have a coupon for my readers at the end of this review for 25%off 🙂

She is such a bundle of energy! She has the most wonderful and infectious smile for miles. I wish you all could meet her in person.  If you happen to take her VKlive workshop, or take a class at Pomfret school, you might, but short of that, Craftsy is your chance to meet Rhonda!

Rhonda is an amazing designer and she also dyes the most awesome yarn! (She is part of the creative force behind Coastal Colours yarns.)

Now you have a chance to have her teach a private lesson, just for you! Check it out!

The video starts with some hints and tips for picking your colour and keeping them straight throughout the project. Very helpful, as this afghan is using a total of 9 colours and that can get confusing as the pattern advances.

It then proceeds to casting on. Rhonda has a very easy style of teaching and makes it such fun. She uses a knitted cast on method (one of my personal favourites, I have to say). Very nice for beginning knitters, as one does not run out of tail yarn as for example with the long tail cast on. Rhonda will walk you through casting on for a swatch size or a full size square.

Once you have the cast on mastered, it is getting right down to business. Knee deep into the first slip stitch pattern. No worries! Rhonda will be right there! And if you need her to repeat any of the instructions, or tips she gives, just rewind a few seconds, or start the lesson over and listen to it again.  Not enough? You can also ask specific questions in the sidebar and Rhonda will answer them for you. Rhonda checks on the page a few times a day, so it won’t take long to get your answers from the pro!

rhonda review

Look at that smile!

The techniques used in this afghan are easy to understand, yet will get you such a big step further in your knitting. Rhonda explains everything with such patience and so clear, even a beginning knitter, knowing only how to knit and purl, will be able to follow along and create an amazing blanket.

Once you are done with all the blocks, the video explains wonderfully how to seam them together and even gives you ideas on how to use the swatch size samples (if you chose to go for that instead of starting right into the real block of the project). Rhonda even goes into how to line this afghan, if you wanted to. (Although I find the back of these works of art almost as wonderful to look at, as the front. I am fascinated by how things are made up…. sometimes, it’s so nice to be covered up!)

From start to finish, Rhonda will be there, every step of the way, with her great smile and her calming voice.

I would recommend this video to beginning knitters without hesitation. Jump right in! Use colour and texture and play to your hearts content! Colourwork is not intimidating with a teacher like Rhonda by your side!

Please, do check it out and tell her, I sent you! And should one of you take a real live class from her: GIVE HER A BIG HUG!


Here is the promised Coupon for you guys! Just follow this link and it will do it all for you 🙂


Happy to hear from you! :)

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