ChiaoGoo needle review

A little while ago, we bought new needles to check out. We are looking into maybe changing our routine at the shop a bit. So we got a set each of the ChiaoGoo interchangeable bamboo circulars.

I have put them through their paces since then.

DSC00538Let me start with the case. It is a very pretty, zippered fabric case. Well made. The needle pockets are all marked with the corresponding needle sizes. The needles themselves have the size marked on them and the cables are marked their length. I like that a lot. No more guessing, or shlepping around a needle gauge and making sure you have the right stuff.



The needle tips screw easily into the cables and stay there. You have to use the “key” to really get it tight, but once you do, the swivel action of the cable ensures that it does not come undone during knitting. I like that the “key” is simply a T pin. This is easily replaced, if one should lose it.

The needles are made from bamboo. At first I was skeptic. I hate bamboo needles. (well, ok. I hate crappy Chrystal palace and clover bamboo needles) I much rather work with birch wood.  It is smoother and lends itself much better to my style of knitting.

Let me tell you: I stand corrected! This bamboo almost feels like birch wood.  It is smooth and glides through my yarn without begin grabby.  I honestly didn’t think it was possible! These needles do NOT slow me down or screw with my gauge (with regular, crappy bamboo needles, my gauge is off by nearly one whole needle size)

I did have one cable come out of the little metal part, where the needle screws in, but it let me simply slip it back into place and it has not come lose since. SO I can’t really complain about it. TWO of my Hiya cables also came lose in that same manner, but I could not fix them and am still waiting to replace them.

Another very nice thing about the cables: They are pliable and straighten out almost completely on their own when in use, after being rolled up in the little bag. This was a very pleasant surprise.

These needles also have a wonderful point to them. This is so important to a lace knitter, such as myself. I can do p3tog tbl without blinking an eye, or spiraling into a homicidal mood, because the tip is too blunt to even go though  a regular k2tog.

The set also comes with accessories. I got a needle gauge and some  fun stitchmarkers with it, as well as two “keys” and cable ends. (For when you need to use your needles with another cable for yet another project. Put the stoppers in and you won’t lose your stitches.)


The company is  a family run business (for those of us, who are  worried about China and it’s labor laws).  This did make me feel better about purchasing the product.

All in all, I have to say, I am incredibly happy with these needles and am thinking about getting the bigger sizes and a full set of their DPN’s as well.

Definitely a bit of an investment at around $85 for the small bamboo set and $155 for the full bamboo set, but well worth it, if you ask me. We are putting so much time in our projects and spend so much money on our yarns.I believe our hands and our yarns deserve the proper tools to work with.

Link to the ChiaoGoo website, so you can check them out for yourself.




Happy to hear from you! :)

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