…. and so it beginns.




I have been playing around with naalbinding for years now. I got the hang of the knots and how to  put things together, but I was missing the evenness of my knitting gauge. It all looked a bit slapped together, if you know what I mean.

Well. Last night I gave it another shot. I followed the advice I usually give new knitters and used yarn I love, rather than “just something to practice”. Wool and alpaca. SO SOFT.

Don’t you know: Using yarn I love did the trick. I paid attention a bit more to where the treads were going, how they made their way through the knows and how it felt, to run the yarn over my thumb. I looked how the two yarns made up the finished knots together and how the colours played along the growing fabric.

All over sudden, there was a fingerless mitten. I DID IT!

On the other hand… now I seem to have another hobby.  😀


Happy to hear from you! :)

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