Knitting and crochet gone high tech.

One of my friends has told me about a knitting app she uses. It is called the knitting buddy and I thought I check it out and let you know what I think.

I went today and downloaded the free android version (available here) of the app to my colour Nook.

It installed in no time at all and is running right now perfectly fine, without any hiccups so far.

The interface is simple and it is really easy to understand and use.

From what I can tell so far, it is designed to keep track of your knitting projects on the go. It pretty much has the same features as your Ravelry project page. You can put in the project name you want to give it. There are drop down menus for the  status (current, completed, planned, on hold, or frogged), the category, and what craft you are making it in.

Further more there are spaces for what yarn, yarn weight, yarn colour, colour number and dye lot, yardage, needles, gauge given in pattern and your gauge, care info, website/pattern link and pattern adaptions. As well as three lines for notes.

You can add keywords and a start and finish time, just like on ravelry.

Now is where it gets different. This app has the added bonus of a row counter and it will also track the TIME you spend, knitting on any given project tracked in the app (if you want to, you can turn that feature off).


Further it offers a needle and crochet hook log, so if you have this app on your phone or other portable device, you will always know just what sizes you already have, or need more of. It will let you check if the needle in question is in use, so no more guessing, if it is stuck in a project, or if you lost it. As well as a list of standard needle sizes in metric, US and UK measurements.size chart

It offers needle size charts and the standard abbreviations for knitting and crochet (just in case you hit your head and forgot them 😉 lol), as well as a tab for yarn standards with links to the craft councils standards and ravelry’s standards, as well as an easy list to check right off the bat, if you don’t have wifi.standards

It has a ruler function (inches on one side, cm on the other), which actually can come in QUITE handy.

It also sports a flashlight function. SUPER HANDY, if you knit in a dark car on a road trip and drop a needle, or a stitchmarker. (Hey… I HAVE knitted in the dark, in the car, on a road trip… who hasn’t????) Sadly my device does not support that function, so I cannot tell you how bright the flashlight is.


Then there is the stitch calculator. This function is still in beta. I have given it a whirl. it will calculate basic decreases and decrease repeats for you. Not sure if I like it, to be honest. It is VERY BASIC. it only makes sure you don’t decrease or increase at the end of a row. I guess it might be good for someone not too comfortable with “winging it”, or if someone just hasn’t done that many decreases. I personally can do without this function.  However, don’t forget this function is still in Beta. This means updates and improvements are to come.

And last but not least: there is even a game built in the app. Now, those of you that know me, also know I SUCK at these games…. so I didn’t really go for it. (I did give it a half hearted try and will let my son and daughter have a go at it later).


All in all it is running well, not taking up too much room on my device. (I have NO idea, if there is a Mac version available.) I think it’s a great little app for people with small phones, or other devices they tote about daily anyway.

There is a “pro” version of it, for $2.99. The only difference I can see, is that the pro version gives you a screen-orientation lock and you can customize the look of the app.  It’s free, try it out, you won’t lose any money if you don’t like it, or never use it. There are a few other apps out there for free. As I have time, I will get them and see how they all compare and which one I like best. So far, this little app is really fun and easy to use and definitely worth a try.





Happy to hear from you! :)

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