This years’ Dandelion wine experiment.


We are trying it again. Last time it did not come out quite so. We changed the recipe a bit and are trying it again. This time I do not have ginger at home, so we won’t use that to flavor the wine, we did add some fresh squeezed orange juice and lime juice though.

Today we strained out all the solids. Now the waiting begins. 🙂

Yeast: house strain! Yep, we omitted the brewers yeast again. I firmly believe that brewers yeast had to start from regular yeast at some point. The first brewers were NOT microbiologists. They just went with what tasted best to them. Which means strains that resulted in the best tasting beer and wine, were used again, to set the next batch, this is how brewing yeast began life on a different path than baking yeast. I *know* it will take a while, but I *know* I can do it and get my own strain going. I don’t mind trial and error. It’s fun and a cool experiment. Doing it this way also makes me feel a bit more connected to early people dabbling in fermenting and brewing.

Right now there is a passion-fruit/mango tea bag in with the fluid, to add some additional flavour. We will see. We are planning on making a second batch, as soon as the dandelions go into second bloom. Maybe we add the ginger to that. Not sure yet.

So far it smells divine already.


2 thoughts on “This years’ Dandelion wine experiment.

  1. Hi Bridgett – if you get this would you email me please? Thank you 🙂 Karen

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