Some more hand sewing


My daughter and I volunteer at the local Food Bank once a week. (We have done so for 4 years, then took a year’s hiatus and now we are back, baby!)One really nice lady there usually takes all the aprons (Used to sort the produce) home and washes them. Just because she is sweet like that.

She always took them in big garbage bags. Not at all the look. So we made her a bag. It worked great, because the t-shirt bags are nice and stretchy and fit all the aprons.. Sadly, one day it was gone and she had to use garbage bags again. So we set to work and made her a new bag.

Reverse and regular applique. All made from old T-shirts. I did have to embroider over a tiny hole though, but I think it is WAY better than a garbage bag 😉

Oh, and I got a pair of socks done as well!



2 thoughts on “Some more hand sewing

    • OH! YOU HAVE TO! They are FUN! I love stockings. (Well, to be honest, I love socks and the more funky looking the better lol)
      The pattern for those will come out as soon as it is tested. Keep an eye out on Ravelry.

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