Taking charge


It is no secret: I love to be in charge of what is in our food. So it is only a natural, that I want to be in charge of what is in my skin care products as well. I do not use make-up much. I only have mascara, a few lipsticks and some eyeliner along with a concealer. That’s pretty much it. I like to use natural soaps (we are working on making our own). I want to get into making our lotion, but I am loving nivea too much right now lol and I would love to use more toner, but this stuff is expensive. Years ago I made my first toner. I got out of the habit again, since the recipe I used back then called for witch hazel. Now nothing against witch hazel, but I am on a budget and it is not always *in* the budget to get a bottle of the stuff when I run out. So I was really happy to run across a few other recipes that use stuff I have anyway around the house, like water and herbs and maybe a bit of honey.

I am making fresh toner for me and my daughter. We recently made some with parsley. It’s great against blemishes. It is even supposed to reduce acne scars!

I really really liked the way it left my skin. So today I am making more and I am experimenting with new blends.

I have chosen basil and rose-petals and a bit of lavender for this weeks toner (since these are FRESH one can not keep them indefinitely and they are best kept in the fridge, if you want to keep them for longer than a week)

Roses are a natural astringent so they are great to get rid of excess oils without drying your skin like witch-hazel may do.It will help balance the PH of your skin. Balancing oil and dry zones.  Since rose-petals have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, it helps to keep blemishes in check as well! (Rosewater is also a great make-up setter. Just spritz a bit on your face when you are done doing your make up. Note: Rose water is made differently than this toner!)

Basil is great against blemishes as well and will help improve the circulation in your skin, which in turn helps to keep it looking young. It also will help tighten your skin and basil is full of anti oxidants (so eat it! No!!! NOT the toner, the raw leaves!).

Lavender is also an antibacterial and it is definitely calming for the skin and it refreshes.

So here is now our toner:

Grab one cup of herbs (do some research and find out which herbs do what it is you need done to your skin) and crush them up a bit, bring one cup of distilled water to a boil and pour over the leafs. Let sit until mixture is cooled down. Strain through a fine mesh strainer, or a cheesecloth. Presto-Toner! If you wish you can add some witch hazel to it.  This will be fine for a few days (a bit longer in the fridge) then you will have to make new. I have not tried to preserve this through canning… so I can’t help you there. If you are like me and use this stuff a few times a day, then you should have used it up in no time anyway. 😉

There are tons of other things you can use in your toner. I have made some with cucumbers for summer. SO REFRESHING!

Try putting some of your toner in a little spritz-bottle and taking it with you for a quick pick-me-up on the go.



Happy to hear from you! :)

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