Sewing fever

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Apparently I am in the thralls of the sewing fever. Looking through my stash last night, I found a skirt I made a year ago and messed up thoroughly. I sewed one outside to one inside of the fabric… yeah. I’m good!

Needles to say: The fabric went into time out, not I lol.

Yesterday I looked at it and found I still love the fabric and wanted to try myself on it once more. I pulled it out and started ripping seams and trimming edges and sewed another skirt. Again, it did not come out the way I wanted it to. My daughter said it might not want to be a skirt…. so I thought about it for a moment and went ahead and made a shirt from it. Flying by the seat of my pants the whole way. I just thought: How would I *knit* this???? Then cut and sewed.

Well… it could do with some improvements, I give you that, but overall I am happy with it.

What I learned? Stay-stitching is your FRIEND and should be done ALWAYS… I did not do it here and I regret it. But live and learn, eh?
If you want a home made wardrobe, take the plunge! GO FOR IT. Just sew. Its fun and frightening at the same time (at least for me lol)

The skirt was made by my daughter last year and the necklace I made a few days ago! 🙂 I am happy!




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