Wabi-Sabi Pincushion – already spoken for! :)

2015-01-01 17.11.27 2015-01-01 17.11.42 2015-01-01 17.11.55

The pincushion got done! It has a bit of crushed walnut shells marked by the handmade lace bit (I sewed a baggie and stuffed it with the crucshed shells, then sewed the baggie to the inside of the felted cover). The cover is handmade wool felt and the stuffing is a blend of polyfill and New Zealand wool (30-70 on polifill and wool respectively), to help keep your needles drom rusting.
A vintage button gives the pincushion a bit of a donut shape and makes it more compact.
The bowl is wood and the “kintsugi” inspired fix on the bowl is done with polymer clay. I gave the whole bowl a nice coat of grapeseed oil.
This pincushion is huge! 6 inches diameter and 19 inches circumference. This is the only pincushion you’ll ever need.
The bowl gives it stabillity, so you can pop it anywhere.
I am asking $25 plus shipping for this one. It’s truly a one of a kind! (pins not included)

If you are interested in purchasing this sweet thing, please leave a comment here, or email me to slipknotdesign [at] gmail [dot] com
This little guy is spoken for, but there are more to come. Keep an eye on this blog lol


Happy to hear from you! :)

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