KAL anouncement and first Newsletter!

Ok so we have decided to host our very first Cats’ Cradle KAL.

It’s going to be the Kenzie scarf. Remember that one? bear

If you would like to knit along, just send me an email to slipknotdesig at gmail and I will put you on the list. I was thinking about starting a Cats’ Cradle KAL blog, and adding all the participants to it, so you all can post and share pictures with everybody, even if you don’t have a blog yourself.OR you can send me pictures and I can share them on the blog…. I am open for all kinds of suggestions, so please, if you have an idea, let me know!

We will be starting this KAL next Tuesday. There is plenty of time to dive into your stash and see if you have something on hand, that would work (*cough*worsted weight*cough*), or run to your favourite LYS and grab something.

If you subscribed to our Newsletter, you got a coupon code to get the pattern for free! How is that? You want to sign up? Ok… no problem! Right this way, please: NEWSELTTER The coupon code is in with the Material list for the KAL.


The newsletter is for my new studio. Cats’ Cradle Studio. Just in case I haven’t bored you with this news yet lol. (hardly believable, because I don’t shut up about it, EVAH) I am working on converting our garden shed into my new studio. So I have a place to teach classes and workshops, work on my designs and maybe even sell a few things. It will be so much fun! I envision a place for people to come and feel happy and find their inner artist. Where we all can grow and inspire each other. A place where people feel safe to make mistakes. Where they can let go and simply be… feel… and interpret themselves in what ever medium speaks to them. I will have paint and fibre and clay and all kinds of tools (spinning, weaving, knitting etc.). We will have fun workshops and maybe even just a few groups that get together for some coffee and community. You don’t have to *make* anything, if you don’t feel like it. Just come on by for the company. No pressure of *buy, buy, buy*. I will have handspun yarn, ready  made things, as well as kits available, but it is not what I want this space to be about.

The newsletter will come out every two months until the studio is up. Then we might have one every month with announcements of workshops and class schedules and a few other fun things, like giveaways and free stuff, but that will be a while yet. (at least until it gets warmer outside and a bit more dry lol)

There you have it.

That’s pretty much all we did today (other than make a new day planner for this year and get a few odds and ends from the shop)


Happy to hear from you! :)

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