2015-01-21 17.58.19

I have been caught. I am making hexipuffs! The fever has finally gotten hold of me! It all started so innocently! A friend of mine is making the blanket for her incredibly adorable baby. She is 200+ in. I said I will make her a few to add. Then I started thinking. Well.. the big blanket takes 385 puffs, if you make at least one a day, in a little over a year you could be done….

Need to speak to my daughter about this insanity forming in my head.

I talked her into making one also hahahahahaha. so we both will be knitting puffs. One a day. We will catch up the 21 days of this year we have missed so far, by knitting a few more this weekend. We also had a few other friends working on the puffs jump in with us, so now it is a puff along! If you feel inclined to knit along, go get the pattern over at tiny own knits and then log onto Facebook and join the group. We will post pictures of our puffs each day (or once a week, if you like) to keep us on track and motivated.

What colour will you chose for yours, or is it only going to be leftovers? I have chosen white and grays for mine. My daughter wants Jade green and gold.

So are you in, or what? 😉

See you there!

See you th



  1. I tried once to love doing these. Mine turned out, well, lumpy. I tried different “stuffings”, but just didn’t look right… What do you use for stuffing? dh

    • I just use regular fibre fill. I get it when ever it is on sale lol at JoAnn’s or any craft shops really. i am doing my puffs a bit differently than in the pattern though. I increase two stitches each side (four stitches total per increase round) and decrease in the same manner. It just works better for me this way. The pattern increases / decreases only two stitches (one each “side” of the puff) per increase round. That is just not working for me.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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