I started my quilt

Today was the day! I started my quilt. I have to say, I have a soft spot for whole cloth quilts. Simple, beautiful, practical.
I can’t wait to have this one done.

The only change I made to the previous put together plan of attack: I decided on three layers after all, instead of only two. I doubled up the sari. So this morning, I jumped out of bed (hahahaha “Yeah, right!”, you say. And you would be WRONG! I did jump out of bed, because at half past 7 we got a knock on the door from the plumber!)

After the day got started and I got my chores out of the way, I went ahead, because I could not wait any longer!
I ironed, pinned, measured, pinned some more, ironed again… then decided: If I wanted something 100% accurate and right-angled, I would go and buy something like that.

Instead, I want something handmade, imperfect, one of a kind. Something that comes alive through it’s uniqueness.

So I tossed the tape-measure and grabbed the scissors. A few pins and cuts later, and I was ready to start stitching.
I haven’t gotten far, since I still have a few custom orders to finish first, but it is going places!
It is coming together. It is coming alive and I am happy.



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