it is getting to be spring

2015-03-18 10.13.43 2015-03-18 10.35.46 2015-03-18 13.44.40 2015-03-17 13.45.28 2015-03-17 13.46.48

The days are getting longer and the sun is coming out more. We had an exceptionally dry winter this year and everything is shooting up and out now already. It means my allergies are also blooming.

Never the less, I am out there and working away.

The steps to our house got a much needed facelift and a few indoor plant pots were revamped as well.

Oh and I am giving you an update shot of my beekeepers quilt. (the little bits are lavender blossoms. I put those in with the individual puffs. A friend of mine lost a bunch of puffs to moths, so I got paranoid and just threw lavender in with mine) I am 140 puffs short of being done! ❤

There is always something going on around here. I am still working on the studio, of course, however, it has taken a bit of a back seat to the garden at the moment. Moving plants and mowing and weeding is free, the studio needs funds, which I am sorely lacking at the moment. I have been debating back and forth and finally decided to install a donations button. I might need help to get this off the ground after all. So please do keep an eye out for the button to make an appearance in a few days. Or go by my little shop and buy something, so I can go and buy insulation and sandpaper for the floors and paint 🙂


Happy to hear from you! :)

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