I have a pintrest board, and I am not afraid to use it!!!


I am slowly getting around to messing with the house.

I want to re-decorate. What a weird word that is. It makes one feel like living in an exhibit. Our house is far from that, let me assure you! We LIVE in our home. That means there is the occasional dish in the sink and stuff out of place. Now that the kids are getting older, it is getting much better.
There is also always one work of art, or another hanging, or standing about, to be looked at from all angles and reconsidered and improved upon, or beads, or, or, or. All this will move into the shed, once it is up, but until then… 4 creative people, a dog, a bunny, two hermit crabs, a fiddler crab, a turtle and two birds living in about 750sq ft, is a feat!

Our house is TINY!!!! TIIIIIIINYYYYY! So there is a lot of stuff to store, without really having too much storage. *That* is the real issue I want to tackle. Finding more, creative storage ideas, instead of having stuff just there. I like DIY storage and clever double duty ideas (like a bench that opens up and such things).

I am definitely adding more grey to the house! I love the colour so much! (If you’re smart, you will buy stock in paint companies after this revelation.) I am going to try and do as much, with as little as possible. Our decorating style at the moment is “craigslist chique” with a gothic-bohemian twist. We really have rather embraced this. So, instead of getting completely rid of this concept, I am going to try and unify it with a colour scheme.

I was thinking about keeping you guys updated now and again on my progress, if you like, with an occasional blog post.

If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know, or send me pins on Pintrest


Happy to hear from you! :)

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