Potholder looms! Who knew?

I saw this potholder loom at the shop a few weeks ago. It was marked down to $5, so I picked it up.

I do not care much for the little loops it came with. One can’t do anything with the finished product. I put it all aside and went about my business. When I straightened out my stash the other day, I *stumbled* across it again. I also remembered this really gorgeous 100% wool yarn I received for my birthday last October. It had moths so it went into the freezer as soon as I brought it home. I dug it out and *defrosted* it, now I am weaving on the potholder loom with it.

The plan is to make bias woven squares, felting them slightly and sewing them all together. The top two squares in the picture are already felted. It does fuzz the wool up awfully nice and make the whole thing just a bit more squish-able. Once that is done, I want to cut out the knots I had to make where the moths got it and repair that with fabric. Then line the whole thing with flannel.

This video helped me a lot in figuring out how to close that gap made by the corners, when you weave diagonally. I recommend it heartily. I didn’t have one of these looms either when I was little, so I just go and play with it. It’s a lot of fun. I am trying next how to weave on it as you would on one of those little loomettes.

I will post photos as I go along.
The sari/sarong quilt is going strong. I am almost half way done with that. I will post an update (and maybe another video) maybe next week.


Happy to hear from you! :)

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