An upcycled bench and the beekeepers quilt.

PicMonkey CollageI was using the wonderful weather the last few days to build a new bench from three old chairs we had and never used. They are folding chairs, so this new bench is a folding bench! Very practical. For right now, it will serve in our dining room. Only until I get my hands on better chairs and new tools! Then this little baby will wander in the garden, to laze away the summer with a good book, or have dinner al fresco. (I can’t wait for that!)

To top the bench off, I used some of the little puffs from my beekeepers quilt. (I even put a little bee in the photo montage up there. Get it? Beekeepers Quilt? Bee?) This little bench topper didn’t need all of my 246 puffs, so I have about 2000 left over now. I won’t ever use them, so I gave them to my daughter for her quilt and the ones she didn’t like are going to the dog. He is getting a totally made from scratch bed soon and I need a bit of “upholstery” material for that.

As of now, the dog is enjoying the new bench and *his* puffs on them. Who am I, to burst his bubble?

2015-04-05 18.31.50


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