A little while ago, I did a trade with a sweet friend of mine. I made her a project bag and socks and she dyed roving and tops for me. Look at all the colours!

I decided to start spinning the yellow and purple top. It’ is so smooth to spin. The first bobbin is full, tomorrow I will be on to the second and then it will be plied. I opted for fractal spinning in with this one. It did have a few spots where the colours were dotty, but I think it will work out just fine despite it.

For a little while, I had a spinning buddy. ❤ My Ringneck Dove, named Pi.

I am taking pre-orders for the yarns spun from this fibre, so if you are interested, get a hold of me! (simpy email to

If you like Alice’s work at the dye pot as much -or maybe oven more?- than I do, look her up on FB. She can be fund as the creative genius behind California Custom Crafts (<— clickety). She doesn’t just play with colour, she makes the most amazing custom knitting things as well!

Thank you so much, Alice, for the trade! I love the colours, the pink llama and my little candle! I’m feelin’ the love!

Please don’t forget to bookmark the new address for the blog (<– click, click)! I am currently letting them run along side each other, but will switch over to the new one by beginning of May! ❤ Thanks for reading!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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