100 Days Project

rockprojectIs anybody else doing the 100 days project? (<— click for link) It started April 6th, but I think one can start it any day and just go for it for 100 days.

I am done with the beekeepers quilt, so no more daily hexipuffs, and my sari quilt is not really a daily project, I needed a new long term and daily project. Wellwhattayaknow? This came along and I jumped on the opportunity and joined in on this project.

I picked painting on rocks for my challenge. So I will paint on one rock, every day, for the next 100 days. Not sure what I will do with all those rocks at the end of this all, but I am sure something will come along.

Here are my first few rocks. My hashtag for this is #myrockproject, in case you want to see them all. I will put pictures of them daily on instagram and facebook. I will also periodically put pictures here, in case you want to keep up, but don’t have an account on either of these services, but not as frequently as on these social sites. (or you could just check out the instagram feed on the bottom of the blog. The daily pictures should show up there as well.)

If you are participating, please leave your hashtag in the comments, so we can all go and check out what you are doing! Sharing is caring! ❤

I have been drawing and painting more again. One really doesn’t know how much one loves something until it’s gone. I really missed not having time for this anymore. I am so glad I have the opportunity to indulge again. I just hope, once my studio is open, I can give people a safe space to try their hand at it as well. So many people tell me “I’m not an artist!” and I think to myself, it is only because you are afraid to try it. Someone, at some point broke their creative spirit. Most likely with an offhand remark, or a thoughtless comment.This makes me sad! I want my studio to be the place to go and re-discover the artists in yourself. Free that creative spirit and let it soar!

Art is in everything, if you give it a chance! In the way we move, or speak, cook, or care for one another. Art is in every breath we take, if we put it there.

Please remember to renew your bookmarks to the blog! End of April I will be moving to the new address!



Happy to hear from you! :)

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