Beach treasures


Often we go to the local beaches, here in our home town. I have to admit, I love it. I have never lived this close to the ocean before and I am enjoying it immensely!

When we go, we always find treasures. Stuff, that might not mean anything to other people. Broken bits of glass and pottery, bones, and drift wood bits. We collect a few, every time we go. We usually also collect a big bag of garbage and take it home as well, to deposit in our trashcan. I firmly believe in giving back. I take treasures and I keep the beach clean and help secure the habitat of little tidal creatures.

I had a whole bag of treasures, that went missing. I stashed them somewhere after cleaning them and could not remember where. With cleaning out the garage to make room for the studio and starting to redecorate the house, there is a lot of chaos going on, so no wonder that some bags and boxes go places, they should not be. Well, today I *found* my treasure bag again! WOOT WOOT! I could not resist and dive into it. Look! So many wonderful surfaces to inspire! i promptly painted one of the little beef bones I had in there.

Painting is so tranquil to me. It gives me time and stillness to let my thoughts wander. To meditate. To BE.

This piece is actually available, if you would like to have it. Please contact me it is $20 plus shipping. The measurements are 1 and 1/4 inches wide and 2 inches tall. It is completely hollow, so if you want to use string and wear it as a necklace or big center bead, that is possible. It is water colour on bone, with an acrylic glaze to protect it.

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