I took the leap!

So, if you have read my blog for a while, you may have noticed, that I keep mentioning my studio.

Well, what I am talking about when I say “my studio” is really the shed in the back yard, which is a S.H.E.D and nothing more, make no mistake.

It is a lovely bit of storage space for all our “must keep, but not in the house” stuff.

It needs work. It needs insulation. It needs a new roof. It needs a new floor. It needs drywall and paint and furniture and tools to do all the work that is necessary. That will cost.

My family and I did the math down from the top, up from the bottom and all which way sideways and don’t you know? I can’t afford it. I have the muscle, but not the wallet for such an undertaking!

After more months of hummmm-ing and haaawwww-ing we finally decided to consider a fundraiser. and mere weeks after that” VOILA! I have made up my mind to LEAP and do it.

So here I am.

Hat in hand.

Asking you to trust me with your hard earned money. Please help me make this dream come true!

Please donate to my campaign.


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