it is getting to be spring

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The days are getting longer and the sun is coming out more. We had an exceptionally dry winter this year and everything is shooting up and out now already. It means my allergies are also blooming.

Never the less, I am out there and working away.

The steps to our house got a much needed facelift and a few indoor plant pots were revamped as well.

Oh and I am giving you an update shot of my beekeepers quilt. (the little bits are lavender blossoms. I put those in with the individual puffs. A friend of mine lost a bunch of puffs to moths, so I got paranoid and just threw lavender in with mine) I am 140 puffs short of being done! <3

There is always something going on around here. I am still working on the studio, of course, however, it has taken a bit of a back seat to the garden at the moment. Moving plants and mowing and weeding is free, the studio needs funds, which I am sorely lacking at the moment. I have been debating back and forth and finally decided to install a donations button. I might need help to get this off the ground after all. So please do keep an eye out for the button to make an appearance in a few days. Or go by my little shop and buy something, so I can go and buy insulation and sandpaper for the floors and paint :)

Just a few things.

cats cradle stuff

I have been working. A lot. Outside in the garden and in the shed, to get it all done to open the studio. I have also been working inside the house. Tons of sewing and spinning going on every day. I am working like a mad squirrel to get some stock in the online shop. These are just a few pictures of what will be waiting for you in our little online Boutique, if you will. (it is open already, if you would like to have an early look!)

Handmade bags, little pincushions, my handmade jewelery line (called Treibholz), handmade Malas (my husband makes these!), and lots of handspun and handknitted items!

Hope to see you there! <3

Calling all my fibre friends!

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I am getting ready to start working seriously on my studio and on the first few pieces I will work on IN the new studio. So I was wondering, if there is interest in a community art piece?

What I was looking for:
The pieces should not be bigger than a credit card (3 inches by 5 inches. They can be smaller, but no bigger!), they have to be backed with lining. Any kind of thin lining (see mine in the picture), and can be whatever strikes you fancy and whatever technique you prefer. Knit, crochet, weave, felt, needle lace.. Anything. The pieces will have to have a blanket stitch around the edge, as you see in the picture, that way I can attach them to each other. You can make one, or eight. It all depends on how you feel and how inspired you are. Also: Please do attach a little tag to your piece with your name on it (and maybe an online  link, if you like and have one).
As to the materials used: I would like to keep them natural materials and recycled, if possible (cotton, linen, wool, blends, silk, etc). My little square there, used to be the pocket in wool pants, for example and the embroidery was made with a tiny leftover bit of sock yarn. You don’t have to make the whole thing out of recycled material, if you have a leftover scrap of fabric from a previous project, feel free to use it. I just wanted to see how creative we can get without spending a ton while keeping things out of our landfills. Make art, not trash! ;)

I would like this very first studio piece to be a community piece, because this is what my studio is all about. Growing community, working together on preserving the wonderful fibre arts, passing along what we know, celebrating each others talents and inspiring each other.

What will happen to the piece, once it is done:
Once the piece is done, it will be displayed in my studio for a while. For everybody to see it and marvel at our fibre community’s diversity and be inspired. After that, I was thinking of auctioning it off. I would like the proceeds to go to a charity. (I was thinking of picking three, or so and then hosting a vote on my blog, or on FB as to which one we give the money to.)

That reminds me: Our new FB page is up! If you feel like it, go clicklike! :)

How much time will you have to complete a little patch?

Really as long as you need. This will be a long term project. If you could get your patch done this year (2015) that would be awesome, but if you need a little longer, that’s probably fine too. I have no end date set for this, and I have no specific size I want it to be. So what ever comes in whenever that is, it will be fine. I think I will set a soft deadline for this at mid next year (I think a year and a half for a credit card sized swatch is enough time), but will re-evaluate the time frame when I see how big it is by then. :)

The pieces would have to be sent to me, if you are interested, please comment here and then email me.

Thanks for considering to participate! <3

If you are interested in participating, please email to catscradlenw (at) gmail (dot) com

KAL anouncement and first Newsletter!

Ok so we have decided to host our very first Cats’ Cradle KAL.

It’s going to be the Kenzie scarf. Remember that one? bear

If you would like to knit along, just send me an email to slipknotdesig at gmail and I will put you on the list. I was thinking about starting a Cats’ Cradle KAL blog, and adding all the participants to it, so you all can post and share pictures with everybody, even if you don’t have a blog yourself.OR you can send me pictures and I can share them on the blog…. I am open for all kinds of suggestions, so please, if you have an idea, let me know!

We will be starting this KAL next Tuesday. There is plenty of time to dive into your stash and see if you have something on hand, that would work (*cough*worsted weight*cough*), or run to your favourite LYS and grab something.

If you subscribed to our Newsletter, you got a coupon code to get the pattern for free! How is that? You want to sign up? Ok… no problem! Right this way, please: NEWSELTTER The coupon code is in with the Material list for the KAL.


The newsletter is for my new studio. Cats’ Cradle Studio. Just in case I haven’t bored you with this news yet lol. (hardly believable, because I don’t shut up about it, EVAH) I am working on converting our garden shed into my new studio. So I have a place to teach classes and workshops, work on my designs and maybe even sell a few things. It will be so much fun! I envision a place for people to come and feel happy and find their inner artist. Where we all can grow and inspire each other. A place where people feel safe to make mistakes. Where they can let go and simply be… feel… and interpret themselves in what ever medium speaks to them. I will have paint and fibre and clay and all kinds of tools (spinning, weaving, knitting etc.). We will have fun workshops and maybe even just a few groups that get together for some coffee and community. You don’t have to *make* anything, if you don’t feel like it. Just come on by for the company. No pressure of *buy, buy, buy*. I will have handspun yarn, ready  made things, as well as kits available, but it is not what I want this space to be about.

The newsletter will come out every two months until the studio is up. Then we might have one every month with announcements of workshops and class schedules and a few other fun things, like giveaways and free stuff, but that will be a while yet. (at least until it gets warmer outside and a bit more dry lol)

There you have it.

That’s pretty much all we did today (other than make a new day planner for this year and get a few odds and ends from the shop)

Impromtu KAL

So, I am casting on for this scarf here as a gift. I was thinking with the Holidays approaching, I am sure a bunch of you are going to knit gifts as well, so why not do it together?

Hence this impromptu KAL. Please go and like/follow our Facebook page for a 50% off coupon for participants! :)

Sale ends on November 10th.

danielle idark