Felted fingerless mittens


Since this gift has been given already and is being worn right now, I can post a picture of it. I made felted fingerless mittens SO SOFT and SO WARM. I put a little Fleur de Lis on it since Callie likes it. What do you think? I will make more to sell and make a pair for myself as well.


This pillow….

….used to be this jacket:

It got felted. Not by accident. I wanted it a bit fulled and then forgot it was in the washer! *rolls eyes*. Then it got banished to the back of the closet until I had the guts to cut it up.

Today was the day! I cut it up and made a pillow our of part of it. I still have a bunch of it left to make other things from (Thinking a coin purse, and a pin cushion). But that will be another story for another time.
I also made pie today! Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry pie! It’s delicious with a bit of vanilla ice cream and a drop of heavy cream poured over it. No recipe, just mixing the berries in a bowl with sugar and flour, then pouring them into the pie crust and baking it. Presto! Yummy pie!


No feature Friday this week :(

Everybody seems to be on vacation… so instead I thought I take a few and give you an update of what I have been up to!

Lots and lots!

I knitted a bag for the felting class I am going to teach at Mr.s Hudsons yarn and teas next week… and then knitted another to test the pattern and to get my shibori on! YAYY!

What do you think? I went more “Dr. Seuss” on the first one thehehee…

I am also knitting on some lace to go with the pattern I am writing on hahahah… not much to see at the moment, but it is there. I’m knitting it in 100% suri alpaca yarn! It’s a dream! SO SOFT! I love it to bits already!

ther then that my time has been taken up with writing class material and teaching and riding on the bus and working in my garden! :)