For February! Callie and I were sitting at the shop and working along on our respective projects, talking about what we should do for next Months classes etc.  And as it usually happens, we came up with a new project. Well Callie asked: “How hard would it be to make the owl mittens with a heat?” I said: “Not very.” So off we went to check out yarn possibilities. We sat back down with some of Baby Alpaca/merino wool blends  and I worked away.  Of course they are not “just” the owl mittens with a heart. They turned out to be their own little entity….

Callie is testing the pattern right now and I have to make myself a pair of these babies as well. I fell in love with the softness and the colours.

The yarn and the pattern for these will be in our February yarn of the Month club kit, along with a bit of local sweets for V day! :)

New pop top mittens! YAY

I have finished a pair of pop top mittens (only one is shown here, the other one is as a sample in the shop!) I love love love them!
The pattern is nearly written and will go live in the shop right after the project class/kal is one! (So if you want it early, sign up for the class *wiggles eyebrows*)

The pattern can either be knitted as fingerless gloves, or as the pop top mittens, which will have a thumb option. I love them and think they are sooo cute and warm (alpaca!!!!!)


What do you all think?ImageImageImageImage

I guest blogged and a few updates on what I have been up to!

Quite a few productive days here lately at Chez Rambling Designs….

First let me tell you! I got to guest blog over at Darn Good Yarn! YAYYYYYY!

I wrote a tutorial for it, so go over there and have a look! Let me know if you make any of the bracelets and I will link up to your post here on my blog! :) This is the bracelet you get to make with the tutorial:

Then I made a new pouch for my cards out of some handspun yarn! :) LOVE IT!

I also found some yarn deeeep down in my stash that fits the charity blanket, so I have been working on that.

I finished another pair of mittens as well, they will go in my shop. Pretty blue! Link to the shop if you want them :)

These will be in the shop in a bit

And last, but not least:

Today I made a garlic basket out of some willow branches I found in my back yard. Yesss. I love the little thing and will more then likely not use it for garlic, but rather as a decoration in my front yard!I love how the willow spirals around the body of the basket.

My first time.

Today was the first time I altered a piece of clothing for someone not belonging to my immediate family! This was a big step for me. I have no fear when it comes to fixing or altering OUR clothes, but if it is for someone else…..

Well, this wonderful and trusting lady I know gave me two pair of carheart pants to cut and hem.

I did it!

Did I mess it up?


I went and bought matching thread (a luxury my family seldom gets, I just use what comes closest! hahahah)I did a pair of jeans for my DD first, to get back into the swing of things. No big deal. Measure, cut, pin and sew. Done in a blink! Then I got the first pair of jeans out for the lady. First pair: went great! Like  a dream! I went much slower than for our family clothing. Made double sure everything was just so. It worked all out! YAYYY

Second pair! No problem! I can do this! I’m awesome!

Put them on my cutting mat, measure a third time. ( I always measure a gazillion times when I do things not for us) All is well… turn around to grab my rotary cutter and… woosh, cut :) Great!

Next leg… put it up on the mat, measure, grab my rotary and woosh, cut. Oh yes! I should do this for a living! I rock at this! There has never been a seamstress…


This looks weird…


Is this cut off smaller then the first one? Can’t be… Oh I must have not cut off enough of the second one… *tape comes out, since I now don’t trust the measuring lines of the mat*

Nope… it’s perf…..

OH NO!!! *cold fingers of fear tingling up and down my spine*

Double and triple measure the first leg. Yep! I’m AWESOME indeed! I cut the seam-allowance right off! :) The leg is now exactly as long as it is supposed to be AFTER SEWING! O.O

So what to do? First off I freak out. Sitting on the floor on my cutting mat, hyperventilating. *gasp gasp gasp*

Second: I call the lady to confess my poor math skills and superior looser-ness. She is not home. I leave an ambiguous message. Hey there! Please call me back! hehe *awkward laugh*

Third:Cut the second leg to the same length as the first.

Fourth: To the sewing machine! I hem it as little as humanly possible! A minute seam! so the end measurement is only 1/2 an inch shorter then what it was supposed to be. With no raw edges showing despite the little I have to work with. I use a dark dark thread that is almost non detectable with the dark colour of the jeans. THEN! STROKE OF GENIUS! I make a “fake” seam just a bit up and in the orang-y jeans colour thread! Now it looks like there is a seam! Yes! I rescued it! I’m rather proud of myself…

Yes! Can you tell without looking close?

Then I get the call back and feel bad right away. Confession time, baby! So I tell the lady what happened and how I fixed it. SHE WAS TOTALLY AWESOME ABOUT IT! She laughed and said it was all ok. She was glad I did it at all and that she wears her jeans long anyway and it would fit just fine!


Lesson learned: Stick to knitting, Bridgett!

Speaking of knitting. I am done with two of the four pairs of mittens and half a scarf! :) YAYYY!

Two sets of mittens. Simple, but so cute in this yarn! :)

Half a scarf simple k1 twisted, p1 pattern. It's a bit longer by now....

It’s still cold enough!

So I made a few more mittens! (and still a few more pairs to go! )

Here are pictures  of the pair I finished (and one more owl pair)

Close up of the mock cable I used in the ribbing! LOVE IT!

Oh yes! Them's feisty mitts! :D

MITTENS! I do like them lots, even if I say so myself!

A replacement set for the owl mittens... one got lost :( Sad, I know!!!!!

Off to knit some more! I will show pictures of everything as it gets done! (FOUR more sets of mittens, a cowl and then of course the reel covers I am working on! WOOT WOOT! Those are SO much fun!)