My new shawl.

2015-01-06 14.53.46 2015-01-06 12.23.25 2015-01-06 12.24.16I played with the increases a bit. put two different shawls into one, if you will.  It stays on wonderfully and I love the way it ruffles and rolls. :) It’s so warm, too!!! New favourite piece of handmade clothing.

Please excuse the *me* in the pictures. I am not well lately… so the photos look terrible.

I have decided to sell it. If you would like to have it, please email me, or leave a comment here. It is $45, free shipping.

A little thank you.

I wanted to post a little thank you from me, to you, my sweet readers and followers. <3

I thought a free pattern would do the trick. So here it is!
Happy Holidays and happy knitting and thank you all so much for checking in here now and again and putting up with my shenanigans.

Also: The winner of the giveaway has not gotten in touch with me yet. I will give it another week, then pick a new winner.

Edited, because it would help, if I put the link here as well. lol

Raverly, Craftsy

metro scarf


shawl_full_medium2Here is the newest Pattern I wrote for Mrs. Hudson’s Yarns and Teas.

I love the way it came out. The Malabrigo Rios is just the perfect yarn for this. It has drape and is warm. The shawl itself can be made out of any weight yarn you want to though!

The fun part about this pattern: It has the option of being made into a triangular shawl with a bit of an asymmetrical touch, if you do not like the shape it has right now. (I adore it this way though.. I have to say). So it really is a two in one pattern!

Pattern is available here:

shawl awesome

Felted fingerless mittens


Since this gift has been given already and is being worn right now, I can post a picture of it. I made felted fingerless mittens SO SOFT and SO WARM. I put a little Fleur de Lis on it since Callie likes it. What do you think? I will make more to sell and make a pair for myself as well.


DSC07627_medium2Another pullover jumped off my needles, just in time for the holidays.

Callie named it after James Bond movies with ski chases in them. Very fitting, I think. It has a bit of a vintage feel to it (the colours, I think) and it does look chic while apres skiing even in the poshest ski lodge.

Can’t you just see me: Curled up by the fire, in the log cabin, with a nice hot toddy after spending a day shushing down the slopes? Aaaahhhh that’s the life.. I got the sweater, now to ask my husband for the log cabin…

And she laughed and laughed and laughed…

Oh and here is a link to the pattern, if you wish to have a pullover of your own(can’t guarantee the log cabin though):