My first video tutorial!!!!!!!!

I made a video tutorial! Why? Because there was none on youtube… what better reason to get out the camera and get going???

So, now there is one. One what you ask? Why a “Basic cro tat stitch tutorial by Rambling designs!” of course! 😀 *BIG grin*
I’ll embed it here for you, my sweet peeps!

Yes, I know… I have an accent…..nothing I can do about it… *blush*


3 thoughts on “My first video tutorial!!!!!!!!

  1. Bridget! Your voice! Ha! Ha! It's like I know you for real now. Bravo, really! Great tutorial. I haven't crocheted anything in years, but I followed along perfectly.Is the cro tat stitch how you made your wonderful flower headband??p.s. I saw that tattoo, you rebel. Thought you were going to escape our inquiring eyes, did you, hm? Haha, what is it of? You must tell us what it signifies!

  2. Thank you so much Roe! The tattoo is the Chinese Symbol for love. My husband has the same one on the same spot on his arm. 🙂 (pssst: it's not the only tattoo I have Hehehehehe) ;)Yes, that is how I made the flowers for the headband. Glad it is understandable!:D I was really afraid nobody would know what I was on about LOL

  3. Little Missy Diva! I LOVE your voice and you are a very good teacher! I only knit but I could follow everything you did, you're instructions are very clear! Was so nice to finally hear your voice :)XxxxxxDee@Killerella

Happy to hear from you! :)

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